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Hotels in Brugge - Van Brugge naar een hotel in Rotterdam, Nederland
Hotels in Brugge


Heerlijk overnachten in de middeleeuwse stad Brugge, welk hotel kies jij? Geniet van de vele promos in deze stad.

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Van Brugge naar een hotel in Rotterdam, Nederland

Rotterdam The Netherlands is a beautiful city and a popular place to visit and I'm not saying this because I just returned from 4 days and 5 nights in a hotel in Rotterdam centrum, it's just no way. The hotel is located near Amsterdam, the Rotterdam Port Authority has long been a favorite spot for locals and travelers right. In my hotel Rotterdam I can find a lot about the history of the city very interesting and rich, I must say.Rotterdam is now the second largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam. Rotterdam is known for the largest port in Europe. Rotterdam port tours are one of the most popular activities in the city. There are many styles of the Rotterdam port tours and ways to enjoy the water. A variety of dinner cruises, cruises pancake and cruises of all types of regular port visits. During my stay in that hotel Rotterdam. I have not the time to do so but next time I will definitely!

Rotterdam is really a good alternative if you have already seen enough of Amsterdam. If, for example, instead of flying to Amsterdam, do you plan a flight to Rotterdam, you will probably be looking for a Rotterdam hotel . There are many great opportunities in the city. A flight to Rotterdam will take you close to the city and close to all the great action Rotterdam.

A flight to Rotterdam can sometimes even cheaper than a flight to Amsterdam, but usually a flight to Amsterdam, the less expensive of the two.The city of Rotterdam has a lot of interesting attractions to enjoy, and it is in a perfect location for making side trips to Amsterdam to see the Museum, Dam Square, the Albert Cuypstraat Market, the Van Gogh Museum and much more. Harbor tours of the port of Rotterdam, however, are an absolute must if you spend an amount of time in the city.

All hôtel à Rotterdam. I have a very close to the port, I really liked the industrial feel to it.I usually stay in historic cities, or in the middle of nature, but staying in one of the hotels Rotterdam is another, but really good experience as well! Hope you like what I wrote about my hotel experience there. I will try to blog as much as possible.

Posted: 12:39, 4/6/2009
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